Catch the Big One on a Ft. Myers Fishing Charter

We are heading down to Ft. Myers FL next month to escape the NE winter chill. Looking for a charter recommendation I ran cross this site. You need to check it out..

“One of Southwest Florida’s favorite past times is fishing. With the Gulf of Mexico as the area’s backyard, the waters here are teaming with hundreds of thousands of fish. There are also thousands of spots to explore in the bays, inlets and sounds that surround the islands here.

From April through June the majestic tarpons migrate through the area from the Florida Keys, in huge numbers, drawing anglers from across the globe. Fishing is a year round sport in Southwest Florida with redfish, snook, snapper, shark, trout, grouper, mackerel and more on the menu.

If offshore fishing is on your radar, hop on board the ultra fast Miss Hayden with Sanibel Offshore where you can also reel in mahi mahi and blackfin tuna.

Because of the numerous mangrove islands, that can all look alike to the novice, along with the area’s shallow waters, fishing with an experienced guide is key for a successful experience.”

I looked at all the reviews and decided to go with Catch Me If You Can charters…

Ft. Myers Fishing Charters

“This charter service has two 24-foot Morgan Boats, perfect for exploring the inland waters and back bays. Docked at a marina found just before you cross the Sanibel Causeway, you’ll get fast access to areas teaming with fish. Arrangements can also be made for pick up on the area’s barrier islands (Sanibel and Captiva) and select resorts. These boats are capable of getting into shallow water and are also good for sightseeing. With a good amount of shade, you’ll be able to fit a party of six maximum. Repeat customers rave about the service and the success they have on the waters, catching all kinds of fish that are keepers.”

I like the bay fishing and not having to waste time heading way out into the Gulf.

Yacht Charters in the Caribbean

It will be almost like having your own exclusive luxury hotel on the water when you choose Caribbean yacht charters for your next vacation. You won’t have to lift a finger if you choose the crewed option for your sailing vacation. If you already have experience in sailing, you can charter a yacht on your own to sail the Caribbean, but you won’t have the luxury of having someone attend to your every need. Caribbean yacht charters are not just for the famous and rich. You can afford to take a sailing vacation if you can afford to spend a vacation at a tropical resort.

The advantage of booking a Caribbean sailing charter is that you can choose the islands you want to visit. The company for Caribbean yacht charters may suggest a sample itinerary for you, you decide where and when you want to stop and for how long. You can also decide what kind of food you want to eat. Of course, if you choose one of the bareboat Caribbean sailing vacations, you will have to cook for yourself. On a crewed sailing vacation, you will have your own chef to prepare exotic delights for every meal.

Take a look at the many options available to you in Caribbean yacht charters. You can leave all the decisions up to the captain, who knows all the best locations among the islands. You can also do your own research to find out what kinds of activities are open to you on the various Caribbean sailing vacations so you can select all your favorites. You can spend your time at sea sunbathing on deck while reading a book. You can also enjoy diving, snorkelling or swimming among the tropical fish. One of the highlights of a Caribbean sailing charter is that you can go ashore on the islands and partake of the culture and shopping that only the Caribbean can provide.

You will have to demonstrate experience in sailing in order to book one of the bareboat Caribbean yacht charters. The yacht charter companies have a responsibility to make sure that all the passengers on the yacht with you will be safe. You don’t necessarily need to have a sailing certificate– experience is valued more than a license. You will have an experienced captain at the helm if you choose the crewed option for a Caribbean sailing vacation. If you need it to make the most of the Caribbean sailing charter, the crew are knowledgeable about all kinds of watersports and will be able to provide you with instruction.

Chartering a yacht for Caribbean sailing vacations is the perfect opportunity for families and groups of friends to get together for a short period of time. It is possible to book Caribbean yacht charters for day trips as short as an hour or two or for week long excursions to the islands of the Caribbean. Choosing to spend a week cruising the Caribbean waters is one of the best ways to experience the best of what this part of the world has to offer. Check out the many options of Caribbean yacht charters and get started on making memories to last a lifetime.